Blanket Project for Poor Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem

Elderly Holocaust survivors from Eastern Europe living in North Jerusalem are assisted by Pave the Way Foundation.

Pave the Way Foundation Director in Israel Sam Philipe, locates specific, unfilled needs of poor and needy people in Israel. Sam initiated our "Project Baby" wherein PTWF assisted poor Jewish, Christian and Muslim mothers receive gift baskets of one month supplies of baby formula, diapers and toys.

Sam asked us to intercede on behalf of poor Holocaust survivors living in subsidized "Beit Gil Hazahav" housing in Jerusalem, These people only recently emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union. The down blankets we distributed provide warmth for them during the winter months. We have distributed hundreds of blankets in many different facilities at Beit Gilhazav, Jerusalem


We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance for this project from:

The supporters of and the Board of Directors and Advisors of Pave the Way Foundation

IIchlu Reim-  Rabbi Uriel Malul  and Dalia Hillman

Sam and Shirley Philipe

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik,  NY Board of Rabbis

The Jewish Community of Santa Barbara, California  Mr. Michael Ressler

Harry Epstein

Norman Weisfeld

Arthur Spiegel

Cornelius Matwijecky




Harry Epstein and Gary and Meredith Krupp of PTWF distributing blankets.


Shirley Philpe of PTWF handing blankets to the needy.


Gary Krupp acknowledges those who contributed to this project. PTWF volunteer Michael Barbuck distributes blankets.



In addition to the blankets project, Ichloo Reim and Rabbi Uriel Malul (above right) run a soup kitchen where they provide meals for these needy people. They only have the funds for one meal a month and so we are seeking help from anyone who wishes to participate in this project and provide meals once a week. The cost is $3,500 for 258 meals per week for one month.