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As the negotiations to finalize full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Holy See move forward, we traveled to Israel to meet with high ranking Israeli officials, in order to further move the process and to eliminate potential problems. We are not involved in any direct negotiations, but have a unique opportunity to bridge the interests of both sides. PTWF will address any situation that represents an obstacle, which we may be able to resolve. While many others listen to the "nay sayers" at the very least, PTWF WILL TRY TO RESOLVE THE DIFFERENCES and overcome the obstacles between the faiths.

Speech to His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Msgr. Lombardi spokesman for the Vatican. Amb. Shmuel Ben Shmuel, Director of Religious Affairs in Israeli.
 Meetings at the Vatican Library. Leone Paserman, Former Head of the Roman Jewish Community. Msgr. Robert Sarno & H.Em.Cardinal José Saraiva Martins.
H.Em. Walter Cardinal Kasper, Prefect of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity with Meredith and Gary Krupp. Meredith and Gary Krupp with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who became His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Fr. Angelo Ison with German Abbott, Lindemann in Jerusalem.
Chairman of PTWF, Elliot Hershberg with Archbishop Migliore, Cardinal Martino and Gary Krupp, President of PTWF at the United Nations. Representative of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. The Krupps with members of the Franciscan community in Jerusalem.
H.E. Bishop Brian Farrell, Vice President of the Congregation for Christian Unity. His Grace, Bishop Rt. Rev Riah Abu El-Assai, former Episcopal Bishop of Jerusalem. His Beatitude, Torkom Manoogian, Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem.
H.E. Archbishop Domenico D'Ambrosio, Papal Delegate of        St. Padre Pio. H.E. Mordechay Lewy, Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See. H.Em. Cardinal Raffaele Farina, Librarian and Archivist of the Holy Roman Church.
H.Em. Cardinal John Foley, Prefect of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher with Rimon Himo and Gary Krupp in Jerusalem. Richard Kandel and Gary Krupp of PTWF, with Dr. Harry Gunkel of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. Meeting with Msgr. Cesare Pasini, Prefect of the Vatican Library, and Ambrogio Piazzoni, Vice Prefect.



"It is with affection that I greet the members of the Pave the Way Foundation and I thank Mr. Krupp for the
kind words which he has addressed to me on your behalf"
Pope John Paul II- January 18, 2005



Jerusalem Medal from the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land


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