Photo Gallery | World Jewish Audience with Pope John Paul II

Commendatore Gary Krupp KCSG, President of Pave the Way, addresses Pope John Paul II and the largest Jewish audience in history to visit a sitting pope, in the Clementine Hall in the Apostolic Palace on January 18, 2005. 
The Pope greets Meredith Krupp, Elliot Hershberg, Chairman of Pave the Way, and receives a gift from Pave the Way. Rabbi Barry Dov Schwartz, Rabbi Benjamin Blech and Rabbi Jack Bemporad bestow the Priestly Blessing upon Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul II Presents a gift to Commendatore Gary Krupp, President of Pave the Way.
Bishop Brian Farrell and Fr. Norbert Hofmann finalize details of the Audience with Commendatore Gary Krupp.