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The Maimonides Project

Maimonides was an enlightened Rabbi, philosopher and physician, whose writings are revered by the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions. He died 800 years ago, but his writings and message of reconciliation, born of understanding the similarities of the three faiths, is extremely relevant today. He wrote in both Hebrew and Arabic and his manuscripts highlight the convergence of these faiths. Some of these writings have been housed in the Vatican Library. Many of these important historical and theological works have never been available for public viewing before this project.

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The Bodmer Papyrus Project

Pave the way Foundation worked with Reverend Richard Donahoe, Rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, Alabama on this project. Father Donahoe was able to identify the availability of the Bodmer Papyrus, which is the oldest written version of the Gospels of St. John and St. Luke and contains the oldest written version of the Lord's Prayer which was written sometime between 175 and 225 AD.

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Exhibit of "A Blessing to One Another" Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People

Pave the Way Foundation co-sponsored this exhibit, with the Center for Interreligious Understanding and the Museum of Jewish Heritage.



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The Cantorial Concert

14 of the most prominent cantors in the world gave the first concert ever for the Roman Jewish community, members of a delegation from Pave the Way, and special guests from the Vatican, at the great Synagogue of Rome on Jan 17, 2005. Ashkenazi Cantors chanted magnificent Hebrew blessing to the Sephardic Roman community. This event, sponsored by PTWF, was the first concert ever held in the 100 year history of the Great Synagogue in Rome.

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Concerts of Understanding and Commemoration

In October and November 2005 PTWF sponsored two historic concerts. The first was a collaboration with the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, to commemorate the life of Pope John Paul II. This was on October 16th, 2005, the anniversary of the Pope's election to the Throne of St. Peter.

The second concert took place in Venice Italy, where PTWF co-sponsored a multi-talented concert of classical, jazz and modern musical artists. The event producers, Ms. Antonietta Torsello and Eugenio Masiero, spent all of their waking moments on this most important project. This event occurred on November 14, 2005 in the Palazzo del Cinema on the Island of Lido in Venice.

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Maimonides Manuscript Loan to The Israel Museum from The Vatican Library

Pave the Way Foundation is pleased to have been instrumental in initiating the first ever exhibit of Hebrew manuscripts from the Vatican Library to the State of Israel. On September 27, 2005, the Israel Museum celebrated the opening of "Rome to Jerusalem," an exhibit of Maimonides Mishneh Torah, Jacob ben Asher's Arba'ah Turim, Pentateuch (missing until Leviticus XIII:53), Five Scroll Psalms Haftarot Rome, written in1293 and a Bible from Rome written in 1285/86.

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"It is with affection that I greet the members of the Pave the Way Foundation and I thank Mr. Krupp for the
kind words which he has addressed to me on your behalf"
Pope John Paul II- January 18, 2005



Jerusalem Medal from the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land


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