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Aid to Migrant Workers in North Carolina

PTWF Youth Directors Kirsten and Heather Keleher initiated a project to aid North Carolina seasonal agricultural migrant workers. North Carolina has one of the nation's largest population of seasonal migrant farm workers. They arrive to work with next to nothing to meet their basic living needs. Following the PTWF mantra, Heather and Kirsten have been identifying basic goods needed by these hard working people and building Welcome Packages containing supplies.


"Four years and over 4,400 migrant farm workers served. 

Heather and Kirsten Keleher, Pave the Way Foundation’s Youth Directors, founded Migrant Ministry in 2014 to provide Welcome Packages to North Carolina’s migrant farm worker population. 

Standing in the shadow of the Vatican in 2013, as Pope Francis spread a message of love transcending all differences and compassion for those who leave their homes in search of better lives, the Keleher family began to ask how they could make a difference in the lives of those a little closer to home. Natives of North Carolina, where the migrant farm worker population is the sixth largest in the United States, Heather and Kirsten found their calling. After meeting Pope Francis with Father Hector LaChapelle through Pave the Way Foundation in February 2015, their mission was solidified. 

By organizing drives in churches, schools, neighborhoods, universities, and communities across the state of North Carolina, Migrant Ministry collects items that the migrant farm workers need when they come from Mexico and Central America on crowded buses with limited belongings. Through strategic partnerships, Migrant Ministry has increased the number of farm workers reached every year since its inception.

What will the future bring for Migrant Ministry? 

Migrant Ministry strives to reach more than 1,800 men in our 2018-2019 year, expand drives to a larger number of schools and churches, and recruit high school students to become leaders in planning and executing drives in their communities.


Four years in, Migrant Ministry is going strong. We look forward to all that the next four years will bring!"




PTWF Generations Projects- Memorials Jerusalem, Israel

In the spirit of the mission of PTWF, we are proud to sponsor this event in Israel.

Made possible with the generosity of Florence and  Michael Edelstein, Mr. Richard Kandel and Mr. Jonathan Kandel, Pave the Way Foundation salutes the artistic effort of famed Israeli Sculptor Mr. Sam Philipe in creating this moving tribute to those who protect the Jewish homeland and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Magav Border police projects of charity

Border Guard is often used as the official name of the Israel Border Police in English.  

In addition to it's primary function, Magav also  has  charitable outreach programs for the poor in Israel.

Pave the Way Foundation is pleased to sponsor many of these meaningful charitable projects designed to ease tension and negativity.

Pave the Way is grateful for the support of David H. Feinberg,  Elliot M. Hershberg,  Richard Kandel, for making this project possible.


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"The Camaraderie in Arms Statue"

Bronze monument created by Sam Philipe is a monument to be erected on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem. Erected December 20, 2011.


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"The Prodigal Son" Sculpture by Sam Philipe of Israel.

Christian Theme gift for a Museum in India

PTWF has organized this Christian theme to the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum  in Alleppey, India. An Israeli  Jewish sculptor creates a Christian monument to be exhibited in India.

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Friends of Good Health

Inter-religious doctors and participants come together to bring medical services to the disadvantaged.

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Life saving emergency services in Israel

PTWF supports the efforts of the United Hatzalah emergency service organization. This organization has volunteer who are Jewish Christian and Muslim to serve all of the emergency needs through out Israel.

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Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem- All who are hungry are welcome. Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Rabbi Uriel Malul and volunteer Dalia Hillman diligently work to feed teh hungry of Jerusalem whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim all are welcome.

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Tea Kettles for the Elderly in Jerusalem

In the furtherance of our mission, through our Jerusalem representative Sam Philipe, we expanded our gift charity to Eastern European Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem. We are distributing special electric tea kettles and down blankets for the elderly with fixed income.

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Blanket project for Poor Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

Elderly Holocaust survivors from Eastern Europe living in North Jerusalem are assisted by Pave the Way Foundation.

Pave the Way Foundation director in Israel Sam Philipe, locates specific unfilled needs of all in Israel. Sam initiated our project baby where PTWF assisted poor Jewish, Christian and Muslim mothers received gift baskets of one month supplies of baby formula , diapers and toys.

Sam ask us to intercede on behalf of poor Holocaust survivors living in subsidized "Beit Gil Hazahav" housing in Jerusalem, These people only recently emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union. The down blankets we distributed provide warmth for them during the winter months. We have distributed hundreds of blankets so far in different facilities at Beit Gilhazav, Jerusalem

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Philippine Monument in Rishon, LeZion, Israel

In the spirit of the mission of PTWF, we are always encourage and actively participate, in disseminating information of the love of one human to another when the media is reluctant to cover these stories.

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Wadowice Project

On May 27th, 2006, Gary Krupp, President of Pave the Way Foundation along with the Board and advisors and special guests and contributors, presented a special sculpture representing a monument to be placed in Poland, the homeland of Pope John Paul II. This event was held at a papal dedication ceremony in Wadowice. Poland, the birth place of Pope John Paul II.

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Pave the Way Foundation

Pave the Way Foundation works with the Municipality of Jerusalem to help all citizens. Jewish, Christian and Muslim

Project Baby to help needy Muslim, Jewish and Christian moms in Israel. Ipads for the disabled Olive trees in commeration and Operation "Cleansweep"

PTWF is keenly aware of the concept of "the Gesture." Mindful of this concept we have used this in almost all of our projects to give something concrete, that one can see and feel, as a  means to "pave the way" to positive relations and to open a path to better understanding between the faiths. This is particularly important to children in combating the intentional distortion of religious and prophetic text which has been used as a tool to teach bigotry and hatred. Food is the most basic of human needs, and helping to provide for a newborn baby is a universal gesture of caring.

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"It is with affection that I greet the members of the Pave the Way Foundation and I thank Mr. Krupp for the
kind words which he has addressed to me on your behalf"
Pope John Paul II- January 18, 2005



Jerusalem Medal from the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land


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